Teenage Stress and Anxiety – the most common causes

Teenage Stress and Anxiety – the most common causes

Normalizing the fact that kids can also feel stressed is one of the basic needs of our time. According to the data shared by the Psychological Association for Stress, the number of teenage patients is almost the same as adults. And these teens are not only affected physically but mentally as well. Growing up in such an advanced society can result in many difficulties. Teen years are the most vulnerable years of a child’s life, yet they encounter so many sources that can cause stress during these years. These stress sources may include psychological, social, or parental pressures.

As they enter adulthood, new challenges, decisions, and responsibilities are waiting for them. Most of the teenagers look at it and feel empowered. However, for a few, this new chapter of life also provokes stress and anxiety.

According to the research by the National Institute of Mental Health and American Psychological Association:

  • 9% of teens experience anxiety
  • 38% of female teenagers suffer from anxiety disorders
  • 40% of teenagers tend to neglect their home/school responsibilities because of their stress
  • 30% of teenagers are reportedly depressed because of their stress disorder

Every teenager has different reasons that can trigger them, and they feel stressed and anxious. An American survey showed some of the most common reasons for stress among teenagers. If your child is suffering from stress/anxiety disorder, the best way is to find the source that caused it and then get it treated professionally, if needed.

Let us take a look at some of the most common sources of stress and anxiety in teenagers.

1.      The peer pressure

Who does not want to be liked and appreciated? Well, it is a universally admitted fact that humans naturally want to be admired. However, teenagers feel this pressure on a relatively higher level. They want to be accepted and appreciated by the people they look up to or follow. Most teenagers get into drugs and other unsafe actions because of the negative peer pressure of being accepted. Even less-risky acts like getting dressed in a particular way or being mean to someone can result in depression or anxiety.  

2.      Parents Expectations

Parents setting higher expectations may cause many problems. Kids usually try their best to make their parents proud and achieve the expected goals. Most of the parents cannot spend too much time with their kids because of their busy routines. Their kids feel unseen and unappreciated for their efforts. Many kids face challenges or fail to hit the mark. Their own failure can affect them. 

Parental expectations can put too much pressure on them. It is one of the most common sources of stress among teenagers.  

3.      Social influence

The surroundings and society play a huge part in your child’s life. Many teens see different influencers and social figures on social media platforms and try to imitate their lifestyle. This pressure of having a perfect appearance, luxurious cars, and big houses can have a very damaging effect on their lives. Parents can use monitoring apps like XNSPY to track their kids online. Monitoring your teens can lower the risks of getting into uncomfortable situations. You can block or delete particular apps to protect your kid’s mental health. Most of them try to match the beauty standards that they see online. Many teenage girls suffer from eating disorders because our society appreciates those who are objectively thin and beautiful.

4.      Academic pressure

There is a race of accomplishments going on between humans for decades. With so much competition at schools or colleges, kids may feel the enormous pressure of winning. This pressure of remaining composed while struggling to achieve every goal can cause stress and other mental health issues.

Parents, counselors, and everyone who has any relation with teenagers should encourage and appreciate them for every small accomplishment and ensure their mental and physical safety.