Seven weirdest gadgets we have seen in 2020

Seven weirdest gadgets we have seen in 2020

Sometimes you come across a gadget that is so strange and weird that it blows your mind. You often wonder how people come up with these creations. Every year, inventors come up with many conceptual or con-conceptual products that may or may not turn out to be a hit. They may seem a little odd at the first glance, but some of them turn out to be very useful. Do you remember the time when people thought of hanging the television on the wall looked strange? Gradually, it became one of the very useful inventions that saved a lot of space at homes. As the year 2020 comes to an end, let us look back on some of the weirdest gadgets that we came across in the year.

  1.  LuluPet Al Smart Cat Litter box

If there is anything that cat owners dread, it is cleaning their litter every day. This new invention of 2020, though, gives you the option of not doing it at all. These smart litter boxes clean by themselves. If you are surprised by this, behold, because there is more to it. The litter boxes can recognize cat urine and stool image. That means that the litter box can guide the cat owners about the cat’s health by analyzing their urine and stools. Isn’t it one of the weirdest 2020 inventions? However, full points on coming up with a product that might be very useful for working pet owners. We can see it taking over the regular litter boxes in no time.

  •  A tiny fire engine

It may seem like a very weird invention, but one that can save lives. A US electric vehicle company, Tropos Motors, has partnered with Panasonic to come up with a tiny fire engine that can get parked in congested areas that normal fire trucks cannot access. This way, the tiny fire engines can get to emergency locations faster. The fire truck is powered by a battery that lets it drive between 40 to 120 miles per a single battery charge. It can carry up to 25 gallons of water to areas that larger trucks cannot access. It can only carry a maximum of two people to drive to the emergency location.

  • Samsung’s Bot Chef:

Can you imagine walking into a kitchen where a robot is chopping up vegetables on the counter? However weird this may sound to you right now it might be the best invention for busy people who might need a helping hand for cooking. The robot can chop, sauté, fix up a salad, and pour a cup of coffee. Instead of taking over completely, the robot assists you to make cooking time faster and simpler. The people who dread cooking, or cannot get a hang of it, might find this gadget to be their favorite invention of 2020.

  • Segway-Ninebot S-Pod Two-Wheeled vehicle:

How would you feel sitting in a two-wheeled chair like a cart that can carry you around town? This strange vehicle can balance on its own while you ride along in a seated position. The vehicle can travel at a speed of 24 miles per hour. If you are a person who has their workplace or college nearby, you can use this vehicle to reach your destination quicker. It might not be ideal for places that have extreme weather conditions. You would not want to be covered in snow when you get to your workplace.

  • Samsung Ballie rolling robot:

This Ballie is the shape of a tennis ball. It will be your assistant and follow you around everywhere you go. Does this sound creepy? The Ballie will respond to your voice commands. It will also assist you in keeping up with your health and schedule. If you need to schedule a dentist’s appointment, Ballie will jot it down. The robot will also act as your bodyguard, as it can patrol your home using its built-in camera. If you want to wake up for an important meeting, Ballie will be at your service.

  • RollBot:

Charmin, a company that mass produces toilet papers, has come up with a mini-robot called RollBot. The RollBot gets controlled by your smartphone and will drop off a roll of toilet paper in emergencies. The robot balances by itself, but you would have to pre-load it with a fresh roll of toilet paper. It is one weird invention that is mind-boggling.

  • Loreal Perso Lipstick and Skincare creation device:

If you are a makeup addict, you will love this gadget. It might just be the future of makeup. The Perso lipstick mixer lets you customize your makeup according to your taste. When you connect the Perso to its app, it will mix your foundation, lipstick, blushes, and other makeup products to the way you want them to be. You can even connect it to your social media account and allow Perso to create the lipstick shade that your favorite celebrity is wearing. The product is weird but is sure to attract all the makeup lovers.