New Year’s Resolutions – How you can follow through

New Year’s Resolutions – How you can follow through

How many of you welcomed the New Year with the anticipated New Year’s resolutions? Well, most of us. Some of us want to quit fast food or smoking, while some have thought to learn a new language. All these resolutions can only be fulfilled if you start working on them with your whole heart.

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, “Only 46% of people who make New Year’s resolutions are successful.” That means more than half of the people fail to accomplish their resolutions. A famous time management firm called the FranklinCovey says that “One-third of the New Year’s Resolution makers don’t make it past the end of January.”

Why do people fail to accomplish their resolutions?

Some of the factors that lead to failure in New Year’s resolution are as follow:

  • You have made the resolutions without an intention to complete them.
  • You have not made it for yourself but others.
  • You don’t have the right approach towards it.

Your resolutions should be smart and specific. That means you should be clear about what you want to achieve and how you will do it. Suppose you have a goal to lose or gain weight. So “five pounds in the next three weeks” will be a lot effective than “lose some weight.”

Another thing to keep in mind while making the resolution is that it should be relevant to you. If your goal matters to you, you will have a lot more chances to achieve it. Try to set goals that have a positive impact on you, physically and mentally. It will help you accomplish it in less time.

The last key that plays an essential factor incomplete the goals is the timeline. You have to make sure that you give yourself a realistic timeline to achieve your resolution. You can set small goals and divide the time to reach your ultimate aim.

Here are some further steps to follow through with your New Year’s resolution.

·        Prepare yourself mentally

If you have planned to work on something, you should prepare yourself mentally for it first. Changing habits is not easy, and it comes with mood swings and sometimes extreme emotions. So you should be aware of the hardships that will come with it. If you have already made your resolutions, it’s time to take a step back and give yourself a positive talk on how you will get there.

·        Motivate yourself

Many people make their resolutions for other people and not themselves. They could be doing it because of their parents, spouse, or peer pressure. Well, it does not matter what the goal is. You can achieve the target if you have the motivation to do it. However, the impulse to do something comes from within. So, make sure your resolution is important to you or beneficial for you. It will help you motivate yourself and provide you a reason to work on it.

·        Try to keep track of your performance

Another thing that can help you is to keep track of your performance towards your goals. You should always take small steps. If you have a resolution that demands too much or your effort and time, try to divide it into smaller goals. A defined timeline and smaller goals will help you get to your destination a lot faster and easier. You can also keep track of all your achievements. Suppose you want to reduce your daily smartphone usage. You can track the daily, weekly, and monthly time you have spent online with XNSPY. It will help you see the results with a better understanding.

·        Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself for completing the small benchmarks can help you stay motivated to achieve your resolutions. Suppose you are planning to cut some of your old habits. You can give yourself a break or reward after a week or month of trying. It will allow you to stay on the road and complete your journey.