Kids & Technology: Using Technology to a Parent’s Advantage

Kids & Technology: Using Technology to a Parent’s Advantage

With modern-day technologies, kids find it hard to concentrate on anything else. They’d rather look at their screens, playing mobile games or watching YouTube videos, all day than reading books, doing their homework, or playing outside. 

Every parent finds it difficult to see their children do nothing but sit around the house engrossed in their phones, tablets, and PCs. 

XNSPY has aided many parents in controlling such behavior through the various parental monitoring features it offers. 

However, the same modern technologies can be used to help your kid(s) learn better as well. All you need to know are the ways you can use technology to your advantage. 

So, today’s post is all about helping you help your kid with learning while utilizing all the present technologies such as the internet, smartphones, and PCs.

How can Smartphones and Tablets Help in Your Children’s Learning?

According to a study done in 2013, 75% of kids and toddlers of ages 8 and under have access to a smartphone or tablet at home. While smartphones’ usage is more common than other mobile devices.

That’s a lot of kids spending a big part of their day playing games, using different apps, and watching videos on their (or their parents’) phones. 

But, don’t you worry, there are plenty of ways you can help them learn through smartphones using educational apps.

Here are some of them that many parents already use to entertain their kids and making them learn new things at the same time.

  • Crossword Puzzle

Traditionally crossword puzzles were and are still printed in newspapers and books. But young kids are not that familiar with print media. 

So, having the Crossword Puzzle game app allows them to have the same learning experience on their phones. 

It is a great way to let them 1play on their phones while learning new words. Expanding their vocabulary and preparing them for their English classes at school.

  • Quick Maths

It is another fine educational app that aids in sharpening your children’s basic mathematics skills. Kids can learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide through the app. 

The app even has three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard with math questions involving 1, 2, and 3 digit(s), respectively.

You can install this app on their phones or yours for your kids to enjoy learning about mathematics and its basics.

  • Spelling Stage 

Kids like a challenge and the Spelling Stage app provides just that a fun challenge teach them spellings to different words. 

It offers engaging choices for all kids, ages 4 and above, to have a fun time learning words’ spellings by looking at pictures or getting textual hints.

Every kid’s phone should have this app because spellings matter, no matter which subject they are studying at school.

  • Science360

An app built especially for tablet users, Science360 showcases images and videos for children on advanced science and the latest engineering news.

The in-app content is of high quality and updated weekly. So, your kids can learn new things as much as possible.

The app offers a 360-degree view of the 3D images that allows kids to explore them from any angle they wish. Giving them a clear understanding of how the actual object would look in real life, even though all they can do is look at it through their screens.

  • YouTube Kids

Instead of the normal YouTube app, YouTube Kids is specifically designed and curated for young children. It offers entertaining and educational videos that can inspire and nurture their curious minds. 

Better to give them content that enriches their learning experience rather than cartoons that can only entertain but teach them nothing in return. 

So, let your children install and explore the YouTube Kids app to have a fun time watching educational videos and picking up new things along the way.

Internet is Involved in Everything

All the apps discussed so far require the internet at some point or all the time to keep updating its content. But phone apps are not the only tools available to help you make your children learn and grow using the latest technologies. 

There are numerous educational websites out there as well. Such websites provide either free or subscription-based courses and learning material for kids around the world.

Starfall, a website started by the Starfall Education Foundation, offers a free public service of teaching kids how to read. 

Since it went online in September 2002, Starfall has expanded itself to include mathematics and language arts for all students ranging from pre-school to the third grade.

Similarly, the Khan Academy provides multiple courses to students of different ages (pre-school to high school). 

May it be reading and language arts, science, math, computing, or even life skills. Your kids can learn so much and without paying a single dime. Yes, courses offered at the Khan Academy are 100% free. 

So, stop worrying about their high phone usage and educate them using the same modern-day technologies. 

While, in the end, we hope this post helps you in better utilizing the internet and smartphones for your children’s everyday learning at home.