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How to Spy on Android Text Messages?

Spying on Android text messages is just as easy as downloading XNSPY on a phone. However, in this guide, we will take you through the entire process on how to spy Android text messages. We will tell you how you can download XNSPY on the target Android device and start spying on their text messages.

Before moving any further, we would like to take a minute to discuss how XNSPY is the right app to spy on Android text messages.

How to spy on Android Text Messages?
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How Can You Spy on Android Text Messages with Xnspy?

Xnspy is reliable and affordable and you can totally rely on it for your spying needs. Plus, it has many other features apart from Android text messages spying, like remote call recording, call logs and emails monitoring, IM spying and so on.

Now, let’s get started with how you can spy on Android text messages.

1. Get XNSPY

The first step is to get XNSPY on the Android device whose text messages you want to spy on. To spy on Android text messages, you can go with the Basic Edition of XNSPY but if you want to do more like call and ambient recording, remote screen capturing, etc., then the Premium Edition makes more sense.

There are many other Android text message spy apps available on the market but Xnspy offers most affordable packages starting at just $8.33. And when you just have to spy on Android text messages, there's no need to pay extra.

Xnspy’s Android text message spying app

2. Download & Installation

Once you have XNSPY license with you, it’s time to download the application on the target person’s device. Note that you will require one-time access of the device to manually download and install xnspy on it.

Download and install XNSPY on target device
  • To download the android spy app, you can check your email for the instructions. Plus, you will get a download URL, activate code (to pair the device to your xnspy account) and credentials to your online account from where you access the monitored text messages.
  • Take the download URL and paste it into the internet browser on the target device to initiate the download. You can use any internet browser for this purpose.
  • Once the download is complete, initiate the installation and follow the instructions to complete the setup. You can also visit our How to Install page for any further assistance.
  • Once the setup is complete, xnspy will go into stealth mode. There won’t be any shortcuts or background activity shown on the target device. This ensures for intrusion-free monitoring of a user.
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What’s Next?

Once the app is installed and the device is connected to the internet, xnspy will start uploading data from the monitored device to the online control panel. For new data to upload on the online Dashboard of XNSPY, it can take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours. However, in the case of text messages, the new chats are uploaded as soon as they occur (because of their relatively smaller size).

Xnspy dashboard

Accessing The Messages

After downloading xnspy on a phone, you may want to wait for a little because it can usually take around 24-48 hours for the first upload.

  • To access the monitored messages, login into your XNSPY account which you can do visiting from your computer or phone’s browser.
  • Sign into your XNSPY account by providing the credentials emailed to you.
  • On the Dashboard, look for the “Phone Log” tab and click on it.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on “Text Messages” and you will be taken to another screen with all the text messages from the monitored device.

You can download XNSPY Dashboard app for Android to access monitored messages from anywhere without the need of an internet browser.

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